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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hey Crabman!

Joseph was on good form over the weekend and made a couple of comments that made me laugh.

Firstly, he was eating a small packet of sweets (long story) and I told him to keep them out of his sister’s line of sight otherwise she would want some.

Too late, she’d seen them and announced, “I want one”.

Now part of the appeal of his sweets must’ve been that he was having something that Annabel wasn’t – one upmanship for toddlers if you like – and his face fell when I said I would now have to let her have a small sweetie.

He shoved his last sweet into his mouth and generously said, “ok Dad, get her a sweet but make sure it’s a tiny one (gesturing with his hunched up shoulders and thumb and forefinger squeezed together) otherwise she’ll get really bad teeth!”.

Oh, the hypocrisy.

The second comment was a little more surreal.

He came into the house from the garden and said;

“You know, when you’re dribbling a football, and it’s like when you’re a baby, when you get born, ‘cos you’re a bit scared Dad, you know? It’s a bit weird”.

This tremendously odd statement combined with a totally out-of-character Earl Hickey face scrunched up with one eye shut, made me roar with laughter.

Less fun was the incredible storm that passed right over the house yesterday. We were doing the “count between the lightning and the thunder” trick to judge if it was heading towards us or not.

The first two times told me it was heading our way but I didn’t have a chance to warn either of them, Annabel in particular.

We all saw the flash of light and she went to say something when BANG, CRACK, BOOM ……..

She literally jumped off the ground into my arms and proceeded to scream OVER the thunder.

I felt a lot more sorry for her at that point than when she cried out at midnight wanting “some water and a cuddle”.

R-i-i-ight ……………………………..


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