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Saturday, December 09, 2006

A perfect 10

As expected, Saturday was fun but hectic. Just a teensy bit stressed getting to Tunbridge Wells for our train ride to Santa’s grotto; ok, quite stressed!

But it was terrific – everyone enjoyed it. If you have children I promise you they will love it too.

The Spa Valley Railway.

They do “Meet Santa” rides as well as Thomas the Tank engine rides throughout the year and they are very well done. There’s Thomas, Toby and Diesel to name but a few; all beautiful old engines restored to their original gleaming glory with steam belching from their funnel’s. It's like something out of an Agatha Christie novel! The staff are all train enthusiasts and some of them seem to have spent a little too long working alone with trains but they're a friendly bunch overall - you just wouldn't want them working in your child's nursery, even on a part time basis!

From there, on to The Hare pub/restaurant on Langton Green – a favourite of my parents – for our first and only helping of Turkey this Christmas and it was good too. Brussell sprouts a little under cooked but the turkey and pigs in blankets were delicious!!

Between courses, Joseph and Annabel did some drawing and writing on napkins, using the pens and crayons from inside the Christmas crackers provided. Joseph wrote his name on a napkin without any assistance and the result is below.

He has always gotten close but the ‘e’ or the ‘h’ are usually back to front – not this time. He nailed it!

Well done Poops – another very special milestone out of the way!


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