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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Learn from your mistakes

As much as you want to guide your children, steering them safely clear of life’s pitfalls, there are times when you have to put the saying “live and learn” very firmly into practice from the slightly risky to the definite hazards .

AND the painful accidents.

Like yesterday for example.

If there was something more fun than hanging on the side or front of a shopping trolley whilst being pushed along, I don’t know what it was!! Of course, it was always wise to weight the trolley down with some shopping first.

I was walking ahead with Annabel and heard a crash of metal followed by a yell behind me. I ran back to see Joseph lying under the trolley after it had toppled over as he jumped onto its side. Apparently M heard his head thwack the ground hard but it was his leg he was holding on to.

It wasn’t until bath time that I saw the bruise on his right leg just above the knee, already going dark purple from the impact.

Oh-oh - time for the incredible healing properties of that magical little plant arnica, which I have mentioned on more than one occasion here.

A homeopathic remedy in tablet form or cream, it is an amazing healer for bumps and bruises and something that Joseph has (unfortunately) made good use of over the years. It brings the bruise out very quickly and stops it being tender for days and days and is something that will maintain a presence in our medicine cabinet indefinitely.

I’ll let you know how long before he jumps onto the side of a trolley again!!

Probably not all that long

The arnica plant – pretty and clever (a bit like Missy!)


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