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Friday, December 08, 2006


Looking back, a rather topsy turvy week.

Missy has been suffering from a bloated tummy and constipation and has been farting like a grown man. Bad news.

Poops has been saying “what?” to everything in a raised voice and has had discharge from one of his ears leading us to believe that one or both of his grommets have come out and his hearing may once again be suffering. Rotten news.

M has had an odd week too; feeling rough in the evenings with flu like symptoms and headaches in the day. Stinking news.

I must say it’s pretty bad timing as we are due to drive down to Royal Tunbridge Wells on Saturday to take a Thomas the Tank engine train ride to meet Santa. The fact that Joseph and Annabel have seen 3 different Santa’s in as many weeks may alert them to the fact that no-one in their right mind would bother throwing themselves down a chimney to drop off presents for anybody when they can just as easily sit on their backsides and wait for the children to visit them!

After the train ride, off to the Hare pub/restaurant on Langton Green for Christmas turkey – can’t wait!


Well I feel ok, thankfully.

I did have a rather extravagant splurge the other day. Harrods of Tooting – also known as Lidl’s – were selling a Bresser telescope for star gazing and nature watching so I bought one. I was very excited as the moon has been very low, clear and bright over the past week so I set it up yesterday afternoon in anticipation of showing Joseph the moon 75 times closer than we normally see it.

The clouds had other ideas however – I couldn’t see a damn thing.

The ‘scope came with a neat little attachment which allows you to screw your camera to it allowing you to take pictures of whatever you can see through the lens.

You can be sure I will post a picture of the moon – as soon as I get to see it!

Lidl’s – great gadgets!


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