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Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Brace yourself Rodney ...... "

Coming home from work is nice in itself – you don’t need me to tell you that. But there’s something wonderful about coming home from work to be greeted by your children.

Most days of course, our children are at nursery or school so this greeting can’t take place; this is another reason why I love Friday’s so much. Alternatively, on a Wednesday, Annabel is at home and Joseph and I both get the warm welcome from her.

I put my key in the door and let myself in and straight away I hear Annabel announcing our arrival with a loud “Jou Jou” - Joseph’s nickname – she is out of sight, in the TV room or dining room (you can never be sure) and …. wait for it ….. here she comes, sprinting around the corner at top speed, shoulders hunched to aid balance, eyes closing slightly as she narrowly avoids colliding with the wall and then she spots us, we’re in her sights and she is locked on, full speed ahead, ooh crikey, watch yourself Joseph, she’s running ……. I crouch down, drop my bag, arms outstretched and WHOOMPH, straight into me, falling forwards at the last minute, knocking the wind out of me AND knocking me backwards.

It’s a wonderful greeting.

The loveliest bit though, is when she rushes out to me but encounters Joseph first. She stops short of running into him and approaches him slowly, forming a pout straight away in anticipation of getting a kiss from him.

As always, the look on her lovely little face is a picture on the occasions when he does give her a cuddle and a kiss.


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