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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Word your fibs carefully!

£8,000! That’s how much it is possible to collect in 5 hours of a parish fayre. After prize money was paid out and the whisky bill for the abundant Irish coffee’s had been settled, the church (affiliated to Joseph’s school) was in the clear to the tune of about £6,500 - hey, what can I say? They like their Irish coffee’s!!

It was actually a very well executed day, lots of organisation paying off wonderfully, from the face painting and bottle raffle, the cake sale (for which M made two delicious banana and walnut cakes) and the Santa's Grotto which was a roaring success.

Ok, so the Santa had a strong Welsh accent. Ok, so he had a bit of a stammer. Ok, so he wasn’t exactly on the plump side but hey, we live in a politically correct world – Santa can look and sound how he wants as far as I’m concerned although I thought he could have looked a little less bemused when Annabel let rip with a yell that made your toenails curl – he must encounter the odd terrified child on his travels? They can't all love him? Actually, it was just as well she cried because up to that point, it did appear that she was prepared to “hide” behind her hands for the duration so at least we only spent a very brief period convincing Santa that they have both been very good this year!

So Joseph (with his face made up to look like Spiderman) got to tell Santa Claus what it was that he wanted for Christmas this year; a Hot Wheels racing track and a Buzz Lightyear (boy, is that toy standing the test of time!!).

Apparently however, when M was discussing with him later in the day that Santa would be bringing those toys down the chimney for him on Christmas morning, Joseph asked, “well what are YOU buying me for Christmas then? What are you and Daddy going to get me?”

M then had to explain that Mummy and Daddy still had to pay for the toys – Santa was just delivering them. Not sure Joseph believed this entirely but the story seems to be holding – for now.

So there you go; try to keep the magic of Christmas alive and what do you get?

Accusations from a 4 year old that you’re a stingy old bugger, that’s what!

Humbug Mr Baldrick?


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