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Friday, March 12, 2010

Art attack (part II)

Each morning, depending on the time, my smashing children have the enviable task of deciding whether they want to go straight to their classrooms to see if they can 'help their teacher', or come to the top corridor with me and draw a picture while I get ready for my day ahead.

More often than not they choose to stick with me and draw a picture. Many of these pictures are dished out to various colleagues of mine as 'gifts' but, perhaps obviously, paintings by my children don't exactly have the same meaning to them and they do to me.


Anyway, I have had a little pile of them building slowly but surely on my desk and, after removing the rushed ones and the 'wasn't really in the mood to draw' ones, I thought I'd post a few here for your viewing pleasure.

Underwater scene

Jungle-ish scene

Annabel's robot

Annabel's volcano

Joseph's robot (I love the fact that it's a happy robot)

If you ask nicely enough, they might even make one for you!


Blogger Alistair said...

Hullo DOAB,

First class drawings. I especially like the undrwater scene. Annabells volcano is a beauty too, and I also like the fact that you are the proud owner of a happy robot picture. They are extremely rare in my experience.

As I have no children of my pwn to draw pictures for me I would be so grateful if I could have a drawing done for me. It would have pride of place on the wall, I promise.

Hopefully yours......Al.

9:54 pm


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