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Monday, March 08, 2010

"I know, it's only rock 'n' roll ... but I like it"

As if Saturday wasn't overflowing with the beautiful sounds of choirs singing, yesterday was shaping up to offer much of the same, albeit in a very different environment.

Joseph (and his fellow choir mates) had been invited to contribute to a Christmas CD due out near ... erm ... Christmas, believe it or not. Apparently, some chap had approached the lady who oversees the choir and she was more than happy to accept.

So it was that we all found ourselves driving over to North West London to the world famous
RAK studios, where they sang three carols and got to hang out" in the recreation lounge in true rock star fashion. There was a pool table (which, I admit, the Dad's commandeered), a full size table tennis table as well as a full buffet lunch for the eating of. I took the liberty of taking a peek in the fridges, fully expecting to see champagne and beer but all I found was fresh coffee, orange juice and a pack of organic butter.

What an opportunity. Not many people get to see inside a place like that, let alone record in it!

The nice bit was seeing all the framed gold discs on the walls with artists and songs I knew very, very well.

The not-so-nice bit was seeing the years in which those songs were released.

Oh boy, I am getting OLD!

Well, old-er at any rate. Today marks the passing of yet another year for my good self.

Happy birthday to me, hip hip hoo-bleeding-ray!!!!


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