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Monday, February 08, 2010

"Go on my son, bash 'is bloody 'ead in!!"

Following advice from Thierry a couple of days ago, we went to North End Road market in Fulham to check out this famous fishmongers.

Yes, it was as busy as he said it might be.

Yes, it was full of all the amazing fish and seafood he said it would be.

Yes, I purchased some rather tasty items for my seafood risotto I was cooking in honour of my Dad's belated birthday.

I bought an enormous piece of cod (the original fish was massive), which they filleted and skinned for me; about fifteen giant tiger (looking) prawns and two fairly large crabs. The crabs weren't for the risotto - I figured the children might enjoy taking a rolling pin to them and discover a bit more about where crab meat comes from!

The risotto (if I do say so meself), was a rather fabulous affair - very tasty indeed - and was appreciated by all. (Sorry, was too busy drinking fermented grape juice to remember to take a teensy picture of the finished product) and, as I suspected, the children did enjoy eating crab after they'd taken to them with the aforementioned rolling pin.

I will leave you with some pictures of one of the crabs, nicknamed Colin, before, during and ... erm ... after his demise.

Fresh crusty bread, fridge cold butter and a healthy dollop of Colin - delicious!


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