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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obeying the letter of the law

As is always the case, the children managed to wake up yesterday morning far earlier than they do in the week. How do they do that?? How do their bodies know??

In a last ditch attempt to salvage some kind of lie in this morning, I had a "chat" with Annabel asking that surely she is "grown up" enough to get out of bed and go to the toilet, then get back into bed without waking one of us up to help her. I could see her little face staring at me as her brain processed what it was I was expecting her to do.

You see the psychology there?

Anyhoo, this is how things panned out this morning.

We were aware of her little footsteps pad into our bedroom this morning, before touching M on the arm and whispering, "Mama, I didn't wake you up to take me to the toilet", before leaving the bedroom and making her way back to her bed.

Bless her heart! She got it half right. Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly? To be fair, I didn't say "leave us well alone until we wake up". I just said she was big enough to go to the loo by herself. i guess she just wanted to share her good news.

And it was ten past seven so technically we'd already had a good lie in.



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