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Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Not everyone understands house music, it's a spiritual thing, a body thing ..."

They sure don't.

There are many defining moments in a man's life. There are the more obvious one's that occur as a young man and there are those which occur at the later stages in life, when one is a Dad, and you find out that your child couldn't give a stuff about your favourite genres of music.

Now, whether or not music plays, or has played, as much a part in your life as it has in mine, will determine how much you relate to this post, but write it I must.

This evening I was tinkering on the splinternet thingy-m'jigg, when Joseph ambles in, pulling the front of his pyjama top down to show me that he has indeed gotted changed, as requested not half an hour before. Unlike his sister, he is on the very brink of realising that the computer and the internet are two entirely different entities and he asked to look at "something" on the web. (Is doesn't take a crystal ball reader to know that he is merely delaying the going-to-bed process, but occasionally I am happy to play along with this).

Sometimes when I write, I like to do it in complete silence; other times, I prefer a bit of music in the background and tonight, I was lining up a few "toons" to loosen up to.

I tried some
Bob Marley, some Jackson 5, some Madonna & Timberlake, some Moby, not to mention some Sugarhill Gang, some Blondie, with a healthy dollop of Erik B and Rakim.

Obviously I was confident that at least one of these walks down musical memory lane would press Joseph's buttons but unfortunately that confidence was ill founded.

He asked me
for this instead.

We're looking into adoption agencies first thing tomorrow.

Well, I am!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was searching for artist info for "Not everyone understands house music, it's a spiritual thing, a body thing ..." and I ran across this blog post... too funny!

Have a good day!
From a reader in the USA

8:39 am

Blogger Dad said...

Lol, thanks for your comment. Did you notice the hidden hyperlink in the words "They sure don't" at the start of the post?

Click on it to hear the "toon" itself.

Thanks for reading.


8:37 pm


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