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Thursday, January 07, 2010

A book review

I got you didn't I??

You thought I'd gone ultra lazy and was posting a second book review in a week!!!

Well, faithful reader, I am more than a little happy to inform you that you are in fact wrong. I am just taking the opportunity to let you know about one of the lovely cook books that sits 'pon my shelf of, erm .... cook books and tonight I cooked from it.

Let me think.

Freezing cold evening. Couple of plump chicken breasts waiting to for some justice to be dealt to them. What can I do??

Ooh, I know, curri-fy them, yes-s-s-s!!

And who do I turn to when I am considering adding a healthy sprinkling of garam masala to a kukkri dish? None other than the extremely photogenic Vicky Bhogal.

I'd knocked up a delicious (and more importantly, authentic) chicken curry in just over an hour.

(Actually, the curry took me 35 minutes. I spent the other 25 looking at shots of Vicky!!)

Get a copy of this book. It's got some lovely pictures in.

And some cracking recipes too!


Blogger Alistair said...

Dear DOAB,

What is it about us men and our 'food porn'.

I to have a good shelf full stuffed with some well thumbed food writers ditties. Rick Stein and Nigel Slater are my usual haunts although I sometimes wander into other uncharted and unnamed areas. I find a pleasant hour spent with a cookbook and a glass of wine by the kitchen table or, weather permitting, the garden is an hour well spent.

I love a good curry too although many of my knock em outs are more delicious than authentic, but it is good to take the time to get it completely right sometimes.

And perfect for this weather too....


3:21 am


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