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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Nothing too strenuous methinks .....

Yes-s-s-s, that's it, let's just ease ourself very gently into this year shall we?

Actually, as I write that, I realise that I haven't been keeping you up to date with the books I read towards the end of last year, so I will seek to rectify that right here, right now.

I think there's something quite romantic about my first post of the new year being a book review, don't you? Or am I doing my usual "talking cobblers" bit again? Ok, not romantic but helpful, informative even.

This is another book snatched from the shelves of the school, a book aimed at those whose ages are approaching double figures. And, as I have found with so many books aimed at this age range, it's bloody terrific.

Apologies to David Almond but I'd never heard of him before seeing this book but the picture and blurb on the back got me interested. It is a simple story which is packed full, from start to finish, of very beautiful description.

I won't spoil it for you but if you've ever fancied reading a totally believable tale of a young boy who one day, finds and befriends a "beer-drinking, chinese-take-away-eating-angel" in his Dad's dilapidated garage, then read this book.

When I read the last few pages, the hairs on the my neck and arms stood up and I stopped myself from welling up. When I had finished the last page, I wasn't sure why I'd stopped myself from welling up.

The book deserved a bit of welling up on the part of the reader and I denied it that much.

Sorry Dave.

' promise I'll blub on the next one!!


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