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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Perhaps I shouldn't find this so weird.

But I do.

Annabel has been bringing home her new words that she is learning at school so that we can practice them together and today she also brought home her first BOOK to read. Ok, it's called 'Look' and it only has 5 double pages, each with the word 'Look' on it but no matter, it's her first book and she is both delighted to be able to say she has a book to actually read (as opposed to something to merely browse the pictures in), as well as delighting in watching our reaction to her being able to 'read'.

She's reading for crying out loud, well done Missy, we are so proud of you, WELL DONE!!!

The bit I find a teensy bit weird is that it is exactly 2 years to the week that Joseph brought home the same book and the same words.

I know what you're thinking. Hey, they go to the same school, same classes, what's weird about that?

Well, teaching has gone through some fairly major changes in the past two years, none more so than the beginning of this year so yes, I stand by my claim of weirdness.

Well, I did only say it was a bit weird!

psst - well done Missy, you are SO clever!!!!


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