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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Hippo birdie to you, hippo birdie to you ..."

Hippo birdie dear Joseph
Hippo birdie to you!"

Well well well, seven years old today and dammit, if he doesn't look a day over ....... 7.

What's yer secret Joseph, c'mon, tell us all, what is it, hmm ... hmm ...?

A birthday on a school day - it's fine now but wait until secondary school; then it won't be so great, trust me - so up earlier than usual for brekkie followed by present opening. A postal strike meant that minimal cards arrived; not that this was noticed thanks to pressies from us.

Actually, I think things worked out rather nicely for Joseph this year. He had his gifts from us today, he is due more gifts at his tea party on Saturday and on Sunday, I'm taking him and his best friend to a football match in place of an actual party proper.

To be honest, we were relieved when he said he would rather not have a full blown par-tay this year; we have no room for anymore toys!

When we came out of school this afternoon, he was smiling on our walk home, saying that he'd had "a really good day".

Music to my ears!

Happy birthday Smudge - we're glad you enjoyed your day.


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