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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Damn my slowing metabolism!!

Short but funny conversation between Joseph and I on the walk home from school today.

Joseph: "Dad. What's a six pack?"

Me (after sniggering): "Why?"

Joseph: "Because Michael in my class says his Dad's got a six pack".

Me: "Heh heh ... yeah, lots of Dads' do have six packs Poops. They're the muscles in your stomach. They stick out a bit and they're are six of them".

Joseph (pulling up his shirt and peering at his belly): "Can I get a six pack one day?

Me: "If you want".

Joseph: "Co-o-o-oool!"

Me (continuing): "Then they (meaning me) get older, do less exercise and their six pack slowly disappears. You have to do about a million sit-ups a day to get a six pack".

Joseph was smiling by now, not hearing what I was saying.

I however, was not smiling.

I must stop eating those biscuits in the staff room.


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