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Monday, October 12, 2009

And now for something completely different!

Well not completely different, no.

Just a bit different.

As in, just a tiny bit.

Kind of, a little bit similar.

Some elements you might recognise.

Several, then.

Alright, sod it, I admit it, one year on I am posting exactly the same post as I did before, ok? You happy now?

However, while wishing the wonderful M a happy wedding anniversary might reek of pure repetition, the number of years has changed, so there!!!

Happy 9th anniversary love - it keeps on getting better doesn't it.

(Doesn't it? Please tell me it's getting better, please, for gawd's sake!)

To celebrate, we went for a delicious buffet lunch at the
Blue Elephant. Although they have branches in Dubai, Beirut, Moscow, Lyon and Bangkok (to name a few), we settled for their restaurant in Fulham, SW London.

(Hey, you've got to support your local businesses in these tough times, really you have)

Mind you, with their prestige spirits listing a glass of Glenmorangie Claret Wood for £71 (or the bottle for £1500), and 50ml of 1957 Bowmore for £191 (the bottle will set you back just over £4000), the place doesn't really seem to be struggling all that much to stay afloat.

We settled for sparkling mineral water (a snip at £5 a bottle!) and the kids had a fresh coconut sliced open and a straw inserted.

Although the rain stayed away, it was what you might call, rather blustery and while Joseph and Annabel "oohed & aahed" at the fishies swimming beneath the tables (you'd have to see it to believe it), M and I discussed making next year, our 10th, the year to make our way back to the Amalfi coast in order to celebrate in style and more or less guarantee a warm, inviting anniversary.

We'll see.


Blogger Alistair said...

Dear DOAB,
Congratulations and best wishes on your anniversary. Our next will be exactly double yours and it keeps on getting better for a long long time so you both have plenty to look forward to.

Dont worry, if it stops getting better I will post a comment to warn you to look out for the date!

Funny but my lovely G and I too have amazing memories of Sorrento and the Amalfi coast.

Cheers to you both......Al

1:18 am


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