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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

5537 8008

Aaah, as always, it's the simple things in life that are best.

(Or should that be "free"?)

Either way, Joseph had decided to pay me a visit where I work and was delighted to see that I had a calculator on my desk. I never use the thing, obviously, as I have a brain that is akin to a very powerful computer processor and therefore I have no need whatsoever for a pathetic hand held device for working out simple sums.

Except when I'm marking maths homework of course when I find it invaluable.

After the novelty of me asking him sums to work out had worn off (it was sweet to see him amazed that the calculator got all the sums right, every time), I showed him how to write upside down with numbers.

I told him the numbers 77345 which he duly punched in and then I told him to turn it over.

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it .........

"Oh, coo-o-ol", he grinned, clearly delighted. "It says SHELL".

"Yep, and there are other words that you can find too". I realised I had left myself wide open with this statement and before I could rectify my mistake, the question came.

"Like what? What other words can you spell Dad? Tell me what else?"

"Umm ....... well, you try. See if you can find any by yourself. I've got lots to do ok?"

Exit stage right Rodney, you dipstick!

I can hear it now. "Miss, my Dad showed me how to write words upside down on a calculator".

"Did he now? Did he really?"

Oh yeah, took advantage of the mild evening and took much neglected bike for a spin. I have been contemplating selling it due to lack of use (and to be honest, keeping it just because it has a starring role in the title of a blog is not really a sufficient enough reason).

But then I find a stretch of road where the speed limit is 60 mph and, well, suddenly selling it doesn't seem like such a good idea.

At all.


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