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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another win Mr Abramovich!

Today's the day.

The Big One.

In place of his annual birthday party where Joseph and 15 or so of his friend's get to scoff cake and run around like loons, I took Joseph and his bestest chum to watch a game of football in trendy Chelsea.

We had lunch near the stadium, went shopping for scarves, flags and programmes, and managed to time everything to perfection, finding our places just 5 minutes before kick off.

One thing I learnt today was this; keeping a close eye on your own children in busy places is one thing. Being entrusted to keep a close eye on a child who isn't yours in a very busy place is another thing entirely.

I was happy to sit down!

We were treated to 3 goals, two of which were scored in front of where we were sat (ie, at "our" end) and afterwards, our football fanatic neighbour had invited us up to the private bar where he entertains corporate clients. I have to admit feeling just a teensy bit smug at being waved through by the all-in-black suited and booted doormen, whilst listening to others being told that it was a private bar. "Sorry, your name's not down, you're not coming in".

I have no idea what those people thought a scruffy, rucksack wearing individual such as myself and two 7 year olds wearing football tops were doing being waved through security but who cares though, hah, we were going in!!

Actually, those strangers whom we glided past at the door had the last laugh I reckon, the drink prices in that bar were extortionate!! Having said that, Ron Harris himself was swanning around the place and I know enough about football to know to get a picture of that man!! I'm sure the two boys will appreciate the picture I took of them with "Chopper" Harris in years to come.

Either way, it was definitely a day to remember.

And just in case Joseph's memory lets him down in years to come, I had his picture put in the programme wishing him a happy birthday.

There's nothing like a bit of forward planning!!!!

The big screen.

41, 293 in attendance.

Watching a "chopper" of a different kind come in to land at Wandsworth heli-pad.


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