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Sunday, September 06, 2009

"I'm a Goofy Goober .... "

Another week, another seaside town to discov .... oh no, hang on, we went back to exactly the same place we went to last week for M's birthday - Whitstable.

The reason we were so keen to go back was quite simple; we wanted to sample the seafood that we weren't able to try before. The difference this time around was that we went on the train; a different kind of adventure entirely.

On the journey down there I discovered words that I don't usually use on a jaunt across country. Words such as, "hey, look at that amazing yellow field", or "quick, look at that light aircraft skimming the trees".

This was a huge departure from my often repeated phrase of "can you be QUIET, I am trying to drive" and "do you want me to turn around and go home?"

Upon arrival, our day went something like this;

Walked to harbour, ordered half dozen oysters, plate of whitebait, some cockles, some prawns and a portion of fries. Continued to ice cream van for 99's, walked along stony beach (admiring beautiful narrow houses) to a quiet spot on the beach where we had stone throwing competitions. Walk back to harbour, pausing to sample local (well, as local as they could) ale, pausing to stop off at alternative oyster house for another half dozen, some King Prawns (they deserve the capital letters, they were massive) and some more whitebait, albeit minus the wonderfully creamy tartare sauce as had earlier been the case.

The oysters were all delicious, the whitebait freshly fried in a lovely light breadcrumb and the prawns extremely meaty. I could tell you how well the oyster stout accompanied the oysters but that would be stating the bleedin' obvious, so I will leave it there.

Visit Whitstable.

It's lovely.


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