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Saturday, July 18, 2009

My family and other animals

Everyone, without exception, saw the cover of the book I was reading and came up to ask if it was a follow on from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Oh no, hang on, not everyone, just everyone I know.

Silly me.

Why do people say that? Is it to let you (and the people in the room) know that they know books, they know literature and want all around to know this?

For the record, no, this book is NOT a follow on from Curious Incident, it is a stand alone book and I thought it was absolutely terrific. For your information, I haven't read the 'first' book. This book is my first encounter with Mark Haddon.

The cover says "brilliant ... very funny" and it does have very funny parts but I thought, overall, it was more poignant than funny. It cleverly shows the many facets that make up a 'family' and all the love and laughter and problems that come with them.

I knew I was enjoying this book, but it wasn't until tonight that I realised how much. While M got her weekly fix of TV drama, I poured myself a pint of Spitfire and slumped on our sofa, book in hand, and read until I'd finished it.

Any book that give you goosebumps on a Saturday night, that makes you want to laugh and cry within a few pages of each other, that makes you want to hug the main characters, is a winner in my .. erm .... book.

Read it.

You'll thank me.

For the recommendation, that is!


Blogger thora said...

I loved this book! Your description is totally correct: I cried and laughed at the same time.

6:35 pm


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