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Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Roll up, roll up ..."

What could possibly go wrong when the day starts as perfectly as today did?

Nothing, that's what!

So there was a teensy smattering of rain at midday, who cared? It was an absolute belter for the rest of the day. So warm was it, in fact, that I was forced to ask to borrow a hat from someone I would rather not have borrowed a hat (or anything else) from.

The irony of it being a hat that I have ridiculed this individual for wearing was not lost on me!

Step right up ladies, gentlemen and children, get your picture taken on a real police vee-hicle for just £1.50 (all donated to the school, natch). I couldn't resist getting my own piccy taken within approximately 3 minutes of their arrival. As Ali G would say, "dem bikes woz well wikkid, y' nah't I mean?" *finger lick*

When Joseph came over with his raffle prize, I could've sworn I saw M's eyes roll completely up and over in her head. She looked a little giddy for about an hour afterwards but she rallied herself beautifully.

(I don't think anybody noticed love!!)


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