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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Oink oink .... atchooh!

Oh whatever, so what if this is the fourth short-ish post in a row?? What's it to yer? Read back a few months, I'm not always this lazy!!!

Last week in school assembly, the children were made aware of the flu deriving from our piggy friends in South America.

Driving along in the car today, Annabel sneezed over her cuddly toy, said 'excuse me' to which M and I replied, 'bless you'.

Not Joseph however.

I saw him sit bolt upright, stared straight at me in the mirror with a worried look on his face and almost shouted, "oh no, Ducky's gonna get swine flu!!!"

If it weren't for poor Ducky facing imminent death, it would've been very, very funny.

Ok then, it was bloody hilarious!

Poor Ducky.


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