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Friday, April 10, 2009

A number 169 please, with extra mint sauce

It's ok, control yourselves, I'm back, you can all relax now.

As is always the case when holidaying in the UK, the weather can make or break your brief time away from home and, once again, we got lucky. Apart from one afternoon of not-too-heavy drizzle, we were treated to non-stop glorious sunshine for our short break to Dorset.

I will summarise our trip in two easy to digest sections.

Things I loved included;

Fossil hunting, the lovely cottage in which we stayed, seeing Annabel's face when she saw the new born lambs, breathing actual proper fresh air, long walks, the views, seeing M's face when we stopped off at Poole on the way home (somewhere she has always wanted to visit) and watched the pottery being made.

Things I wasn't so chuffed with;

The lack of decent restaurants (Gordon Ramsey would have a field day for his Kitchen Nightmares programme - it's on the coast but NO decent seafood to eat - cattle farms everywhere but no decent meat to eat - come on Dorset, even I know the bloody formula for serving quality, locally produced food to punters).

Erm, that's my only gripe!

We only saw a tiny bit of Dorset but there's loads of it! Go and see it.


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