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Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Royaume uni, deux points"

Ok, there's no easy way to explain this one; sometimes, when either of my children are sat on the loo, they ask me for "quiz questions". This boils down to me asking them questions on a variety of topics, to pass the time while they ....... well, anyway.

The usual topics include general knowledge, observation or numbers.

For example, I might ask Joseph the answer to 5 multiplied by 7 (he enjoys maths questions you see), or I might ask Annabel 3 plus 2. I might ask Joseph to name 10 types of fruit, asking Annabel the same, only a lesser amount.

Oh, just so you know, this usually takes places as I mooch up and down the landing, carrying ironing this way or dirty washing that way and I ask questions as I go, expecting the answer when I pass back along to his or her bedroom. I think I should also let you know that this game takes place as of their choosing; it's not a 'learning through play' thing that I've devised!

Well, tonight, as I was mooching and Annabel was playing further up the landing, I asked Joseph to name 10 countries.

The conversation (with the best interruption ever from Annabel) went something like this;

Joseph: "Umm ... Spain, Africa (I let him have that one), France, Lebanon (bless) .... erm ..."

Me: "Yes?"

Joseph: "Err ...."

Me: "Where do we live?"

Joseph: "Ooh, yeah, England ..... Scotland ..... Ireland ..."

Annabel: "Legoland!"

Joseph burst out laughing at what she'd said and as I fell to my knees to hug her, she could tell she'd cracked a good 'un.


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