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Monday, April 13, 2009

Oh, it's a scythe!!!

We had lots of plans for our bank holiday Monday, but as is often the case when we try to plan something too meticulously, they all fell by the wayside. We were tired, the children were tired, no-one wanted to get dressed, we wanted to have a late breakfast and so on.

As it turned out, the day was a beautiful one and so we opted to stay close to home (rather than drive to Richmond for an easter egg hunt), and ended up walking to our local common. With Joseph on his new Ben 10 scooter and Annabel on her bicycle, all was well.

The highlight of my day came when a cocky young dude came strolling past us, giving it the Larry Large with his particularly ferocious looking Rhodesian Ridgeback on it's bright blue leather leash. As Missy has a slight fear of dogs, we stepped to one side to let the 'geezer' and his four legged friend pass.

They saunter past and it is clear that the mutt is most definitely a 'dog', as in , a "boy" dog.

Joseph: "I can see his pecker".

Me (smiling): "You can't see his pecker. They're his goolies".


Joseph: "I can't see my goolies!"

I love it! Yesterday his sister reduces me to tears and today he does?

Can't wait 'till tomorrow!!


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