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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ooh, I forgot ...

Something Joseph said made me chuckle which I just remembered.

We were in Dorset (see previous post) and our walk took us past a field of sheep and very young lambs. I feel it's only fair to inform our children as much as possible about the origins of the food that they eat so I casually said, "you see those lambs?" to both children.

Joseph turns to look, Annabel is already looking at the lambs as she thinks they are lovely.

"Yes", they reply.

"Well, you know when we eat roast lamb?" (heads turn slowly to face me, disbelievingly). "That's what lamb is. That's where it comes from".

Joseph's reply is instantaneous and with eyes very wide says, "Cor, they've not been alive long!"

No, they haven't.

I admit to not knowing exactly how long either until I read here.


Purple sprouting broccoli, in case you're wondering.


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