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Friday, March 13, 2009

You sent me flying

Tonight was another evening hosted by our friends and neighbours across the street, this time in aid of Comic Reliefs Red Nose Appeal. As always, it was a very well organised 'do' with food and drink a-plenty. I was on the black stuff, what with me being off wine and all (not going too badly thanks for asking) and I think we raised about £300 in total, which isn't too shabby considering it was basically a quiz and a small raffle for immediate neighbours.

Anyway, upon arrival we were told to get into teams and my friends teenage daughter told us to make sure we had a variety of ages in each group due to the nature of the questions. This became more obvious when I saw one of the rounds was entitled, 'Generation Gap'.

So it was that I found myself in a team with the host of the evening as well as an ex-neighbour of a similar age to host and a friend of hosts daughter who I don't think was more than 19. Basically we had all the decades covered.

Well, it transpired that we won - just - but that's not what I want to say ...

*waits for applause to die down*

... no, what I wanted to say was this. I know I have mentioned once or ten times that I turned 40 the other week but on the whole, thankfully, I don't feel 40.

Tonight I did.

Some of the questions that were asked that I thought I knew, not to mention some of the answers I got right as well as this bloody teenager looking at me whenever she thought the answer lay with an 'oldie'.

The young scamp!!


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