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Friday, April 03, 2009

A tooth for a tooth

One reason for having bloodshot eyes is having a late night.

Another reason is being in a confined and smoky environment.

Yet another is imbibing too much alcohol.

Combine all three of these and you are guaranteed to have eyes that draw looks and comments from just about everyone you meet.

This week however, Joseph and Annabel have done none of the above (to the best of my knowledge) but have still managed to come away from school with red eyes when they should be white, Annabel particularly so.

As I mentioned last week, Joseph has been playing football with the upper school in the mornings before lessons start and on Monday, less than five minutes after leaving him in the playground, he appears holding a cold patch over one eye, leaning on a colleague for support.

He had been hit in the eye with a tennis ball but thankfully seemed ok.

Yesterday (on the last day of school), Annabel has a very bloodshot eye after a friend hit her in the eye with a pen lid (we don't know if it was an accident or deliberate - it varies depending on her mood).

Well, y'know, I haven't spent a Friday at A&E for a while so why not?

Annabel proved to the Doctor that all was well by confidently naming all the silhouettes on the board at the end of the corridor.

"Train, dog, cat, plane, bird, flamingo ...... "

She's fine.

Let's go!


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