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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coming through!

You may (or may not) remember a programme in the 70's in which children sent long letters to a strange man on the television called Jimmy Saville, asking him to sort out weird and wonderful requests for them.

They included a trip to a factory to see how chocolates were made (bo-r-r-ring), a look around the Blue Peter garden and to help clean out the pond (even more bor-r-ring) and dare I even mention the girl who wanted to join a handbell ringing choir (hello??).

Well, reading those back, I admit that my requests were ever so slightly less likely to have been fulfilled (not that I ever actually wrote to Mr Fix-it), but they included a trip into space and a spin in a fighter jet.

Hmm.. as it happens, make that highly unlikely, but no matter; they were two dreams then and they remain to this day.

A more realistic one to add to the list however, is to be a police motorcycle escort. I have absolutely no hankering to be a police anything but you know the escort for the royal family where one bike rides ahead to flag down the traffic and his colleague goes flashing past, closely followed by HRH whoever? He then whizzes off to catch up and take over his friends position ..... and so on.

Well, the closest I've come to this was on Monday, when I assisted several colleagues in shepherding 90 school children on the underground to the British Museum. I would run ahead, stand like a scarecrow to warn traffic not to run me over, children would cross, I would run to catch up .... well, you get the picture.


Did I imagine I was a police motorcyclist with a do-or-die job to do, protecting the children, gotta get them from A to B?

Certainly not!

Ok, maybe just a little!


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