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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm only doing it for the children!

There are several boxes that the school assemblies have to tick (on strict instructions from the Head). They must include dance & movement, singing, a parable of some description, as well as a modern equivalent.

This week it was the turn of Joseph's class and what can I say that I haven't already said about watching your own child in a small show with which you have no input? Something you are seeing for the first time?

It goes without saying that you realise not only how much effort is put into these short performances but also how much your children are capable of but for which you don't necessarily give them credit for. Without any help from interfering Mum or Dad, your child has managed to read and learn umpteen paragraphs, they have learnt the moves to a dance as well as the lyrics to a song they have pretty much made up. They know when to switch sides of the stage and when to collect their instrument as well as how to play it in time with their friends continued singing.

Children's ability to do this always amazes me, even when I see it on a more or less daily basis.

In the past when I have seen Joseph or Annabel perform, it has been perfectly acceptable to feel a bit choked and even allow myself to shed a tear. Being a member of staff now however, has changed what kind of an audience member I am.

Especially when half the school turns to see my reaction at one of my children standing up in front of us all and singing or speaking.

I had a lump in my throat, I could feel my lower lids filling up but I braved it out, I valiantly held them tears back.

Well, I can't have Joseph and Annabel being ridiculed for having a cry baby for a Dad now can I?

"Shake a tail feather kids!"


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