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Friday, March 06, 2009

"Well I must say, I find that very touching!"

I can ignore the fact no longer; this Sunday is my birthday.

It is one of those distinctly detestable birthdays where the first number in your age increases by 1 as well as the second and no, before you think it (let alone ask it), it will not be a 2 changing to a 3 and a 9 changing to a zero, it will be a 3 changing to a 4 and a 9 changing to a zero (think about it).

Below is the card that the two classrooms of pupils I work with made for me today. Every one of them signed it with a range of messages (all polite, I promise you) but for some reason they have drawn me wearing a tie, a naff one at that.

I've a feeling the Head teacher requested that little detail as a sly dig at the fact that I don't wear one, but this is unlikely to change anything.

If you need me tomorrow, I shall be enjoying my last day as a thir ........ well, the (very) last day of my current decade.

Oh muvva!


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