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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"The name's Stalwart. Jack Stalwart".

As part of his daily 'homework', Joseph reads a certain amount of his school book to me and in return, I read a book of his choice to him. As agreed with his teacher, I am trying to get him to read slower but with greater expression, something he is perfectly capable of but needs reminding.

Something I had to remind him of several times tonight was to pause slightly after a full stop before continuing with the next sentence.

Ok, hold that thought.

For his choice of read, we are currently working our way through a boxed set of books we bought him for Christmas featuring the adventures of Jack Stalwart, a 9 year old secret agent.

(Think James Bond in Year 4!)

Anyway, the books are pretty good and no more far fetched than the antics over the years of Mssrs Moore, Connery and Craig, that's for sure.

Now I don't know what happens between him reading and me reading but I usually come over extremely tired and struggle to concentrate on the book. I have to admit to taking the odd micro-nap and tonight was one of those times.

Bearing in mind the thought I told you to hang on to, I remember reading, struggling to keep my eyes open and then .... darkness.

I'm sure I nodded off only briefly but I woke to a deadly serious question from Joseph.

"Is it a very long full stop Dad?"

*cue laughter*

Well, Day 1 of Lent has gone reasonably well and I'm not missing wine at all.

Only thirty nine more days still to go.



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