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Monday, September 29, 2008

“They do do that though, don’t they though!”

Up until Wednesday evening, M and I were both heading for Liverpool for an ex-work colleague’s wedding. But, although Annabel has done a valiant job of switching nurseries recently, she has become a little clingy and behaving slightly out of character.

M suddenly announced, “I can’t go to Liverpool!! Annabel will want at least one of us here at the end of her first full week”.

M, as always, speaketh sense and so I headed up there without her.

Nice day, nice ceremony, nice food and, importantly, nice weather.

Two things to mention.

Firstly, if you’re going to Liverpool and you need somewhere smart but very affordable, try Cocoon at the International Inn. It actually advertises itself as a backpacker’s hostel but it has rooms which are very smart, very comfortable and very private. All this and it only costs £53 per night which is pretty darned good, judging by the other prices I encountered when researching where to stay. They have apartments too so, if you’re a family or group of friends, you can stay together for an extra tenner a night!

Secondly, whether you like a drink or not, check out the Philharmonic Dining rooms, apparently a favourite haunt of one of Liverpool’s favourite son’s, John Lennon. It is a Grade 1 listed building meaning it is a building of outstanding architectural or historical interest. Not only is the building itself listed but the gent’s toilets are also Grade 1 listed. Women are allowed to look round the toilets “only as part of a guided tour”. This didn't stop all and sundry peeping their head's round the door when they felt like it though!

Grand they are; smell free they are not!

Anyway, apart from all that, being away for a weekend without your family isn’t much fun. I mean, that’s what weekend’s are for no? To be with your family?

Apparently, when I wasn’t home on Saturday evening, the children asked when I was coming home from work.

When they woke up Sunday morning and I wasn’t in bed when they came into our room, Joseph said, “what, Dad is still at work??”

Posh loo’s or not, I won’t be doing that again!


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