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Monday, September 15, 2008

We have a winner!

I haven’t had a full report yet but apparently Annabel had a terrific first day at the nursery of her new school.

Well, I say “day” but it was more of a morning.

Well, two and a quarter hours to be precise!

By all accounts and purposes however, they were a busy and exciting two hours.

When M called me after she had collected her, Annabel wanted to inform me that she had painted a rainbow and seen her own coat peg with her photograph on, although no-one wanted to play in home corner with her.


I thought I would show you a drawing of us all from nearly a year ago. I am sure I will have a more up to date “family shot” of us all at some point this week.

Well done on getting through your first morning Missy; we’re very proud of you!


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