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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Faw heez a jollee gud fell-oh

Need I say more?

6 years to the day and looking more handsome and grown up than ever!

You could tell something different was happening because normally when Joseph comes in from school, he wants to start eating immediately, preferably in front of the television, claiming to have had a busy day and that he is too tired to do anything else!!

Today however, without wasting time even to change out of school uniform, it was time to play with his presents. In fact, guests came and went and he barely looked up.

(Well, the one’s who were carrying big boxes covered in wrapping paper earned a brief smile and mumbled thank you, as you might expect).

Transformers, Power Rangers, Ben 10 merchandise (no, I haven’t got a clue either) and a (very cool) Speed Racer car. I have already been asked several times “which one d’you want to be Dad?” this morning but of course, when I choose the shiny new Transformer, the offer is retracted and commuted to, “do you want this (old Transformer) one?”

Lesson to be learnt here? Just take the old one in the first place of course!

Tonight we are setting up and playing Marble Run which, I must admit, looks pretty impressive. 12 kilometres (maybe a little less) of thin track with circles, straights, hills and drops, all for the pleasure of watching …. you've guessed it … a small marble to go whizzing from one end to the other.

Thursday evening, here I come!

Happy birthday Poops – thank you for being a smashing son this past year!


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