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Friday, September 12, 2008

Last day at nursery - forever!


Oh lummee, it is too.

It’s Annabel’s last day at nursery and she is not quite her normal self. She knows something is about to change; we’ve all been speaking about it, but she hasn’t really grasped quite what.

As you will have grown accustomed to by now, any opportunity that comes along allowing me to write a little ditty and away I go. I’ve edited out the nursery name and location but otherwise it reads not too badly.

Enjoy your last day Missy!

So now, another child passes through your nursery.
I’ve been here quite a while now, approaching my 3rd anniversary

But like my brother Jou-Jou, I’m off to join my big school. I really hope the food’s as good ‘cos Peter here is cool!

From baby room, Little Learners then up to Rainbow Room,
where today I find myself wearing my favourite fairy costume

I’ve had a really lovely time, and made a friend or two.
We’ve shared our bugs, had nappy rash, got chicken pox and flu

I’ve tried not to be naughty although I can be dictatorial. My Dad says I’m a Lion ‘cos I’m “oh-so territorial”

I try to share with others but heaven knows I find it tough.
I practice when we have visitors, offering all my favourite stuff

I must just take a minute to say some thank you’s (it’s essential);
to give credit to the people who have helped me reach my potential

If you’re missing from this list, don’t blame me for being dipsy
it’s my Dad who is responsible, he wrote this when he was tipsy.

There’s Lisa, Sarah, Salma, also Kelly (pause for air). A special mention goes to Shamsa who used to plait my hair.

There’s Shanay and Anna-Maria, last but not least, there is Shahida.
My parents think the three of them have been a 1st rate care provider

So to Richard and to Nadia, this is my last time through your door
but I carry with me memories of you all, of that be sure

Because you’ve all been wonderful, I am happy when we’re together
finger painting, cutting, sticking, playing outside in nice weather

I’ll be back before the New Year with a full progress report
so you can see the importance of your valuable support

With your help I’ve become a very happy, clever little gal
(albeit one with a scream that could burst your ear canal)

So bye-bye nursery, (name of) Road, my time with you was swell
I’ll think of you everyday, take care please

love Annabel


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