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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

“Am I dreaming?”

Rain, rain and more rain.

As you will be all too aware, the Bank Holiday weekend was given a very gloomy weather forecast for the entire weekend. Well, in London it was anyway.

No matter.

We had decided earlier in the week to go to a ‘pick your own’ fruit farm on the Saturday and that’s exactly what we did.

Joseph thought he was in heaven. An entire field with strawberries absolutely everywhere!

“Can I eat them Dad, can I, can I eat them?”

My answer of “yep” was met with a delighted squeal and he was off, bending down to pick out the largest, reddest one’s he could find and then holding it aloft for all to see before taking a big, sumptuous bite, strawberry juice running down his chin.


We collected in the biggest punnet you ever saw; 3 kilos of strawberries in all. Strawberries for dessert, strawberries on our breakfast, strawberries for our snacks. To be honest, we were all glad to see the end of them!

Just the two kilos of carrots to get through now!!

Cut to yesterday: M and Joseph come into town to meet me from work early. They had been to the British Museum where Poops had made me a Viking badge and bought a Mexican finger stretcher!! Not sure if it was some kind of torture instrument but it does involve nearly pulling your finger out of its socket!!


Anyway, we met up, walked to a restaurant in Soho (good old Stockpot), down to Trafalgar Square to climb on the lions and then through Embankment gardens, away from the smelly old traffic and along to Waterloo bridge.

Joseph by this point was cream crackered but he was still interested to see Antony Gormley’s statues dotted across the London skyline, which are like something out of a zombie film – very spooky!

I highly recommend a look if you get the chance to see them.


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