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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Honest injuns

As Joseph was getting ready for bed yesterday evening, he casually mentioned that one of his friends had elbowed him in the mouth. Naturally my heckles were up immediately but managed to calmly ask what happened. He went on to explain that he went to tell the teacher’s assistant who told him not to moan.

This annoyed me more than the elbow because we have explained that hitting is wrong; that he should tell one of the teachers rather than hit back and end up in trouble.

I told him that I would be speaking to the teacher’s assistant when I collected him from school the next day and this seemed to please him. I asked him to explain exactly what had happened with his friend.

“Well, I was trying to take a toy off him and he hit me in the mouth with his elbow”, he explained.

“Oh, there you go then”, I said. “If you’re going to try and take things away from people, you have to expect them to put up some resistance”.

Anyway, we brushed teeth and I lay on the bed as usual to read a story. As I was about to get up, he started talking again.

“The teacher didn’t tell me not to moan”.

“What do you mean?” I asked, slightly puzzled.

“That’s what she says to other children”.

“Well, what did she say when you told her your friend hit you in the mouth?”

“I didn’t tell her”.


“He didn’t mean it, it was an accident; I never told the teacher”.

“Well, I’m glad you told me”, I said, exasperated! "I was going to march into your classroom tomorrow and tell your teacher off!”

That is what’s known as 'a close one'.

Poor little guy though, his lip is sore, plus he says he took a tumble in the playground. This looks to be totally true as he has the biggest bruise on his elbow, sore to touch and fully deserving of that magical potion, Nurofen for Children.

Sugar free, natch.


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