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Monday, April 16, 2007

Yassu filemou

I seem to be entering a phase of anniversaries at the moment and today’s absolutely has to be mentioned, although I admit it has no bearing on my being a Dad.

Twenty years ago today, I climbed aboard a plane and headed off to the Greek island of Rhodes and would end up spending approximately 18 months there, with a break for Christmas.

20 years?

Where the hell did they go to?

I made a point of digging out some photographs at the weekend and although I recognise the 18 year old staring back at me, it almost isn’t me.


My parents always said, “enjoy your first 21 years because life whizzes past after that”.

Of course, the arrogance of youth stopped me from taking any notice of them then, but they were right. The years since my 21st have zoomed past, just as they said.

The frightening thing however, is that they also told me how much more quickly time passes after you’ve had children. Taking into account they were spot on with their previous comment, I’m assuming they’ll be right on this one too.

Look out 2027, here I come.

Ready or not!


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