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Friday, April 27, 2007

Yeah but, no but …….

Joseph always starts the day with a ‘platter’; some fruit, a cheese stick and a yoghurt or similar.

To introduce a bit of familiarity when he started school last September, I took along a small ‘platter in a bag’ when collecting him.

Anyway, this has now become the norm, it’s expected. Unfortunately, it’s the very first thing out of his mouth when I collect him. I see him, he runs over, I hug him and ask how he is, how his day went and he replies with ………. “where’s my snack?”

I pointed out that this wasn’t a very polite way to start. It would be nicer to say, “hi Dad/Mum, I’m fine, how are you? Can I have my snacks please?”

Anyway, I had pretty much forgotten this conversation; until yesterday.

Joseph came over to meet me and we did our usual chase through the school grounds, pausing at the gate to hold hands along to where I’ve parked the car.

I unlock the car and he simultaneously reaches for the handle and opens his mouth to speak. He said this;

“Where’s my sna ………………” (very long pause and looks up at me realising)

“………… how are you?”

He asks how I am at the same time as letting go of the door handle and his arms fall to his side.

This combination I find hilarious and burst out laughing, drawing looks from passers by at my not overly quiet guffaw.

He knows he has hit the mark on this one and that we both know perfectly well what he was avoiding saying.

Nice one Poops.

You got me good and proper


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