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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Number 140

Today marks a small milestone; a year has passed since I started this blog.

Ok, admittedly a fairly small milestone, but an important one, to me anyway. Reading back over the past year, I’m so pleased that I started writing here. It has acted like a written camera, a memory bank of sorts, recording snapshots of events in my life as a Dad.

And how things have changed in just 365 days.

Reading back through my writing has made me smile. In only my second post, Joseph was attempting (and succeeding) to undo his shirt buttons and was still at nursery. Actually, he was going through a clingy stage to due to his (temporary) loss of hearing and I noted how rubbish I felt simply walking out of the room, leaving him crying and calling me as I walked up the corridor, not looking back.

Blimey, that was tough.

Annabel was not quite a year old and was attempting to say “pick up” to everything. She also threw up all over the inside of the car on the way to see the Fimbles and I coined the nickname “Foghorn Leghorn” due to her amazing ability to go from a happy gurgling to an ear-splitting shriek that could direct ships at sea.

What hasn’t changed, is how much I enjoy writing here. I noticed that my posts became a little less frequent but that this was due to what was going on at that time. 139 posts over the course of a year breaks down to just over an entry every two and a half days.

I have promised to try and keep to at least the same ratio, if not a little more.

I mentioned Bill Watterson in my very first entry but had no idea how to post pictures. Thankfully I no longer have that problem.

Here’s to the next 12 months.


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