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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter weekend

Lummee, what a scorcher eh? Our terrific weekend looked like this;

Friday – Chessington World of Adventures

Yes it was very busy but it was fun. We thought we were being all clever by getting there slightly earlier than the advertised opening time, but so too had half of southern England!

“They won’t get us that easily”, I cried as we zoomed off to the far side of the park and managed 3 “go’s” on almost deserted rides before the crowds inevitably caught up with us. We all had a great time though, not to mention the exorbitant price of entry was eased by the use of some vouchers I won last year.

A free day out, marvellous!

Saturday – Hastings, East Sussex

A trip down memory lane this one. From watching the West Hill lift moving slowly up and down the side of, erm, West Hill and throwing stones into the sea, to eating cockles, Missy going on a miniature train ride and Poops and me racing 8 others in a two-seater go-kart for 5 minutes; awesome!

Me (shouting): “Are you having fun?”

Joseph (slipping down in his seat): “It’s very bumpy isn’t it Dad?

Sunday – over to M’s mother’s for a slap up Lebanese lunch accompanied by a delicious bottle of Arak, the national Lebanese drink, similar to Greek Ouzo or French Pernod. Lunch was followed by a period of complete inactivity. Well, I fell asleep for half an hour is what I mean.

Monday – gardening at home for the entire day and all sat down watching Toy Story 2 before bedtime.

Tuesday morning?

Shattered but happy!

Please note authentic Seagull poo next to train's brass dome!


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