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Sunday, March 25, 2007

By the left, quick march …..

The word “tired” doesn’t cover it, doesn’t even come close.

To how I’m feeling that is.

There are other words to describe exactly how I’m feeling but I promised myself my musings here would be family friendly so I will just say that I am very, very tired.

To summarise, our weekend looked something like this.

Saturday morning, leave home at 8.30 sharp, arrive in Wilton near Salisbury at 10.45am (having passed within a gnats whisker of Stonehenge), enjoy cooked breakfast, drive to outskirts of Salisbury, park, walk to Salisbury Cathedral, admire architecture, walk back to car, drive home, put children to bed, go to olde English pub for a couple of pints of “real” ale, go back home to cooked meal, drink wine, stay up late listening to good (and bad) music, wake up toe-curlingly early, have another cooked breakfast of quality meats, go for lo-o-o-ong walk through Grovely Wood (4 miles-ish), back for fantastic tea before climbing into car and arriving back home in London at 6.30pm BST, a little under 36 hours later.


A weekend at the country home of our chums Anne-Marie and Richard.

If, like us, you would love to have a country bolt hole but simply cannot afford it, all you do is this; get some of your closest friends to relocate somewhere you like the look of and then invite yourselves down there as and when you feel like it; bargain!

As Del’ Boy would say, “bonnet de douche!”.

They say that country air tires you out but that’s codswallop. It’s the 5 mile hikes that do you in! That and the fact you push one child on the outward journey in their buggy and carry the other child for the homeward journey ‘cos they’re tired out.

We all loved Grovely Woods. It was like something out of the Blair Witch Project, with the wind whispering through the tree-tops, way above us. That and the fact that the woods were so thick, it was actually dark, not to mention a young deer that appeared out of nowhere and bolted past us at top speed, from one side of the path to the other and into the cover of the greenery. And don't get me started on "the gnarly tree"!!

I grew up shopping on Roman Road market in East London but this Roman road; a real Roman road really was awe-inspiring. Walking a path that has been trodden on for thousands of years; literally.

Fascinating fact: did you know that Stonehenge was built at around the same time as the Great Pyramid at Giza?

Thanks once again for a terrific weekend guys.


ZZZzzzzzzz .....


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