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Friday, December 29, 2006

“Quote unquote”

10 things I have said today.

1. It’s not even 6am yet – go back to sleep.

2. Sugar Puffs AND cornflakes? Good choice, I’ll have the same

3. Who wants prunes?

4. Look at our garden! Bloody fox!

5. Pick up all these pieces of sticker before Annabel eats them.

6. Looks a bit cloudy and windy for the London Eye no?

7. If I get my hands on that fox I will kill him!

8. For the last time Annabel, eat some of your lunch pleeeeease!

9. Lie down.

10. If the weather is bad tomorrow I am going to de-Christma-tise the house ok?

I am proud to have made up an entirely new word to share with you. “De-Christma-tise” in quote number 10. It’s such a clever word that I don’t feel that I actually need to explain to you what it means, such is its simplicity!

I should also point out that while I am annoyed with our resident fox, quote number 7 probably should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I think.

A fox and Michael J Fox. Spot the difference


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