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Monday, December 25, 2006

25th of December 2006

I had lots plans for today’s entry.

I wanted to tell you how perfectly it started.
How Joseph had quite literally forgotten what day it was.
How we got into his room before he realised the significance of the eaten carrot and mince pie on his table.

How his eyes slowly drifted to the bag by the side of his bed.

I watched the dawning realisation on his face that the day we had been speaking of for weeks, months even, had finally arrived.

I wanted to tell you how Annabel had squealed as we went into her room with a bag full of goodies.

But to be honest, yesterday evening's sermon put paid to all of that.

The sermon was to remind exactly why we were all sat there in a cold, draughty church on Christmas Eve rather than at home, quaffing mulled wine and mince pies.

The birth of Jesus Christ.

That’s it.

Never mind the wrapping, the presents, the cards, the goodwill etc.

As I have said before, whichever God it is that you worship in your prayers last thing at night, may He bless you and your loved one’s.



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