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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Give us a clue!

Una Stubbs, Lionel Blair and Michael Aspel.

Charades on the telly – who’d have thought that would work???

Anyway, Missy’s vocabulary is still growing and she is particularly fond of words with two syllables.

One notable word yesterday had obviously been practiced with M before I got home and she looked very pleased with herself when M asked her, “tell Daddy your new word”.

She turned to me, smiling at the impending cheer she would get upon sharing her new word.

“Hap-pee” she giggled and we erupt into applause. I sweep her up as she laughs out loud and we twirl in the kitchen, the four of us sharing her cleverness. It’s not just that she’s learnt a new word though; it’s the clear pronunciation that also impresses.

As we had hoped, being able to speak has removed at least some of the frustration she must have been experiencing in recent months. She has also moved up to the next class at nursery and is once again with her friends.

These combined, Annabel seems far happier, more content in general.

She’s happier, so I’m happier, so everyone’s happier.



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