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Monday, November 13, 2006

Laughter each day ......

….. keeps the doctor away; without a doubt!

Back in August, I mentioned how you don’t need the latest toys or gadgets to keep your children happy; this was exactly the case yesterday.

Whenever we go to my m-i-law's, Joseph insists on playing the same game. We take a small cushion to the top of the first floor staircase underneath the tall void overhead created by the loft conversion; I sit on the floor and he stands and we take it in turns to hurl the aforementioned small cushion upwards. We then look directly at each other and wait for gravity to take it’s toll on the cushion's trajectory.

The unspoken aim of the game is to get the cushion to hit the other person, ideally right on the top of the head for maximum comic effect.

Naturally I make a huge fuss whenever he lands a direct hit on me, whether it be my shin, shoulder or on top of the noggin.

It is wonderful to see your children helpless with laughter, not a care in the world. Annabel came along the landing to see what all the fuss was about and joined in the laughter. She didn’t need to know the joke; laughter is just contagious, especially when it’s your big brother doing the laughing.

The fantastic knock on effect of this is that whilst watching your children scream with laughter, all your worries fade away too; so what if the base rate has gone up another ¼%? So what if Talk Talk have managed to disconnect us rather than switch our broadband?

Do yourself a favour; whether you have children or not, do something fun tonight. Rent a DVD, go to a comedy club, read some jokes online.

You’ll feel all the better for it - trust me


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