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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Trick or treat!

“Ok Joseph, I’ll cut the top of his head off and you scoop the insides out ok?”

No, not an extract from the film Halloween; just preparations for Halloween! We’d bought our pumpkins a couple of days before and it was time to get to work.

First the messy job of emptying them of seeds and general stringy goo and then the slightly tricky but extremely satisfying task of cutting out eyes, nose and zig zag mouth. One of these beauties was also given 2 holes in either side so that we could hang it from string above the front door, candle flickering inside while swaying menacingly in the wind.

As you can see from the picture, both pumpkins came complete with their own “warts” right by their mouths for added realism! Plastic go-in-the-dark spiders, polyester “cobwebs” draped over the front door, monster faces in the front window and the transformation is complete – from Edwardian semi to spooky home of The Addams family in one easy afternoon.

Next on the list; Joseph’s costume. Wizard’s hat and cloak, skull on a stick, spooky go-in-the-dark wellies and a pumpkin shaped bag to collect “treats” in and we’re done – let’s go spooking!!

Joseph’s friend from school was supposed to join us but called in sick so poor Poops was once again stuck with me. As always, everyone is very receptive to hundreds of children knocking on their door’s all night; all feigning fear and repulsion at generally rather sweet looking children in odd clothes. It only took about 40 minutes for Joseph’s pumpkin bag to get half filled with the kind of sweets that M only sees in her darkest nightmares. In fact, on our rounds, I wasn’t quite sure if some of the children were wearing false zombie teeth or they had in fact just been tucking into their carrier bags of sugar!!! Either way, I was pretty sure J’s bag would get the vetting treatment when we got home.

I needn’t have worried though. As is usually the case, Joseph came in, kicked off his wellies and sat down in the hallway to investigate his “treasure”. I opened the packets of jellies as he requested and watched as he bit into it, chewed for a bit, eyes widening followed by “mmmMMMMMMmmm”, a few more chews and then ………. “I don’t like that one” – in to the bin it goes. He did this with about 5 different sweets before giving up, leaving the remainder on the floor announcing that he was tired.

Straight to bed.

AFTER M had given him the tooth brushing of his life!

I don’t know how many years he’ll be happy to traipse the streets on Halloween night with his Dad but I hope it’s a few more yet.


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