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Friday, June 02, 2006

All in the name of parenthood

Well it had to happen. J's nursery have a fancy dress B-B-Q and parents have to dress up too. M was all for this of course because she knew full well that she would be at home putting Missy to bed while I escorted J to the party. Staff at the nursery went on and on and on about what was I going to be wearing that evening. "Only fair" they all said. "We'll be wearing school girl outfits".


Anyway, at the end of the working day, we made our usual trip home so that J could get changed; he was going as Mr Incredible. "Why don't you go as a Doctor?" suggested M. After a couple of futile refusals, she ran upstairs to get one of her white coats (the professional type, not the one for lunatics - oh, hang on....) while I rummaged in J's dressing up box and came up with a stethoscope, syringe, thermometer and medics bag - all Early Learning Centre naturally; perfect! Add to this a face mask and a pair of surgical gloves and the transformation was complete!

Upon arrival at the nursery, it became apparent very quickly that the sum total of parents and children who had bothered to dress up was ........... two. That was me and Poops!

Oh well, I thought, this should make the prize giving a doddle!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a couple of other parents did arrive in fancy dress - one Mum had turned up in full jockey regalia including racing helmet and another Mum with son wearing matching hula skirts. The hula pair won 1st prize, a bottle of Moet champagne, jockey came 2nd (two boxes of chocolates) and J and I came in 3rd.

I like to think that the 3 judges thought they should give us 3rd place as J wouldn't be able to join me in the champagne and, knowing M is a dentist, they didn't dare give us 2nd place either! Not that I'm a sore loser you understand but several parents came up afterwards to say that our Doctor/Mr Incredible combo should have swept the prizes!!

Alas, it was not to be but J was over the moon at winning a fishermans hat in English colours. Another parent to whom I entrusted our digital camera to, captured our winning smiles perfectly.

Prizes won, we made our way home for a glass of milk and bed. Another successful day over.

Well done Poops - the light saber finished your outfit off perfectly!


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